Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

Benelli SuperNova Pump-Action Shotgun – 20100


Benelli SuperNova Pump-Action Shotgun – 20100

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12 Gauge
Barrel Length
Stock Color
Synthetic Black
Round Capacity
4 + 1
Gun Weight
8 lbs.
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The Benelli SuperNova® is an innovatively designed pump-action shotgun made from the most advanced materials. The SuperNova is an ultra-reliable, nearly indestructible pump shotgun that’s ideal for hunting most game animals in North America. The SuperNova comes with Benelli’s ComforTech® recoil reduction system that tames recoil from magnum loads considerably and reduces muzzle rise for fast follow up shots. A shim kit enables adjustment of drop and cast; integrated sling attachments allow the shotgun to be carried with a sling. Benelli constructs the SuperNova with corrosion-proof polymer over-molded on a skeleton framework to form single-piece receiver and buttstock for unsurpassed strength and weather resistance. Exterior metal parts have a non-glare, anti-corrosive finish. The polymer forearm pushes a rotary-head bolt back with dual-action bars. Aggressive ribbing on a contour-tapered forearm provides a secure hold while cycling the action under any circumstance. A magazine disconnect button on the bottom of the forearm allows user to quickly unload the chamber without releasing another round from the magazine, to quickly load another round via the ejection port in the event that a different shooting situation suddenly presents itself. The premium steel barrel features a ventilated stepped rib with a mid bead and red-bar front sight. The SuperNova utilizes a magazine cap that doubles as a tool for pushing out the single pin that holds the trigger assembly in place; the shotgun can be fieldstripped down to basic components in less than a minute. The Benelli 12 gauge SuperNova Pump-Action Shotgun handles all 2-3/4″, 3″ and 3-1/2″ ammunition. The 3 included screw-in choke tubes (F, M, IC) enhance the SuperNova’s versatility for hunting a variety of game over a wide range of habitats.
Manufacturer model #: 20100.

Review: Benelli SuperNova Shotgun


The first time I held a pump-action shotgun, I hated it. I had decided to take up hunting and I knew exactly nothing about shotguns. When the time came to make my purchase, I walked up and down the gun counter at my local hook-n-bullet store pointing at guns I wanted to try, shouldering them and assessing comfort and fit as if I were shopping for shoes. It wasn’t an entirely silly exercise – I later learned that precise gun fit could lead to greater accuracy and consistency. But my knee-jerk rejection to the pump, it turns out, was unreasonable . . .

I just didn’t like the play in the fore-end – I wanted the gun to feel solid when I picked it up. So I dropped $1,000 on an autoloader, and that was that.

After a few years of duck hunting, I learned that some autoloaders (read: my Beretta 391 20 gauge and a 3901 in 12) have difficult-to-reach parts that tend to rust if exposed to heavy rain, leading to tragic failures to chamber a round properly just when the most perfect greenhead glides over your decoys 20 yards out. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Given that hunting in the rain is pretty much routine for me (did I mention I hunt ducks?), the simplicity of a pump started to look pretty good. That’s how I ended up taking the Benelli SuperNova for a test drive this year.

I had two key questions: 1) Could I love a pump – specifically, this pump – after having hunted with nothing but autoloaders, and 2) was the SuperNova a man gun or was it female-friendly? The answers, it turned out, would surprise me.

First Impressions

Where to begin? The manual! Yeah, I teach, and RTFM (Read The Freakin’ Manual) is Rule No. 1 on my syllabus. I hadn’t so much as touched a pump since that first shopping trip, so I wasn’t about to try to put this gun together — let alone shoot it — without reading the manual. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

The assembly instructions were clear and simple: Unscrew the magazine cap, slide the barrel onto the receiver, screw the magazine cap back on. That took all of about 12 seconds.

Now, time to hold this baby.

The first thing I noticed about the gun is that it’s huge. Though I’m female, I’m tall enough (5′ 8″) that most guns for adults (read: men) fit me just fine. When I shouldered the SuperNova it felt pretty close to what I’m used to. But at eight pounds it was heavy and with a 28” barrel it was going to be the longest gun in my safe. And dropping down to a shorter barrel would eliminate at most 2/10ths of a pound.

Next, loading the gun. This seemed pretty simple, but then I got to the part of the manual that said the mag can hold three 3½shells or four 2¾” shells, which would be illegal for hunting. “To comply with federal and or local laws and regulations … the shell capacity of the magazine should be reduced with the appropriate magazine limiting device,” the manual warned.

Now, if you’re an experienced gun owner, you already know that the gun came with a magazine plug. But as someone who does a lot of volunteer work bringing new people into hunting, I’ve got to say it would’ve been nice for the manual include that fact – I could just see the noobs I’ve worked with wondering whether they were going to have to order a special part to stay legal. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

Range Time

The next step was a trip to the shooting range. Skeet rules be damned, I just hunkered down at Station 1 and fired a few shots. The unfamiliar fit I’d noticed in my living room melted away quickly and I started hitting clays. Hard. So far, so good!

Time to fire two shots in a row, forcing me to do something my regular shotgun had always done for me: eject the spent shell, and chamber another round. I’m not gonna lie – it was awkward as hell, and I had some hellaciously slow second shots. But I was getting the hang of the additional step, and I was hitting clays. Not all of them, but enough.

After a few boxes of shells I decided it was time to give it a rest and wait for the next result of my test: Would my shoulder be sore? I’d scarcely noticed any recoil, but I hadn’t been shooting in nearly a month, and after putting that many shells through my autoloader under the same conditions, I could expect to have a sore shoulder the next day.

But I didn’t. I was blown away.

Recoil is a HUGE issue for women getting into hunting and shootingprobably their biggest fear, and the most important factor they take into consideration when buying a shotgun. I’d always assumed that a pump would stick me with a lot more recoil because the gun wasn’t channeling inertia or gas into cycling shells. But with the SuperNova, I was wrong.

I was also pretty excited that I had an affordable gun I could recommend to new shooters who are worried about recoil. Of course, it’s a trade-off: To enjoy this benefit, they have to feel comfortable lugging around an 8-pound gun.

After several more trips to the range, I was in love with the new shotty, all ready to shove my autoloader back into the darkest recesses of my safe. It was comfortable, it was easy to use, I was hitting clays, and hot damn, I loved the chk-chk sound of the pump.

Stripping and Cleaning

Disassembly and cleaning has been a real sore spot for me. My boyfriend shoots an over-and-under and I’ve always shot an autoloader, so cleaning our guns after a particularly vigorous or soggy hunt has been, well, irritating. He’d be done in a minute, but if I wanted to make sure all the little moving parts in my gun were clean, dry and powdered, it’d take me a good 30 minutes. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

Basic disassembly for cleaning the barrel was easy enough – just the reverse of putting the gun together right out of the box. But what if I hurled this thing like a javelin into swamp mud and needed to break it down and clean it more thoroughly?

Back to the manual, where I found a cool feature of this gun: no tools required! The magazine tube cap has a little peg that you can use to push out the pins holding in the trigger group. Then you can use the inside edge of the cap to pull the pins completely out of the receiver.

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. The front pin came out just fine this way; the rear pin needed a little push with a drift and a light tap with a hammer. But still, I loved the fact that I could at least — in theory — break this gun down with nothing but a little cap.

What I also loved was how incredibly clean the bolt and trigger group were compared with my autoloader’s comparable parts. Breaking it down had been purely academic – I sure as hell didn’t need to clean those parts. Swoon!


There was just one more test I needed to do: hunt the dove opener. I went into the hunt with some trepidation, wondering how many doves I’d miss because I’d forget to cycle rounds after each shot. That turned out to be the least of my problems for two reasons: the first was that it was just a crappy hunt – there were hardly any doves flying where we ended up hunting. But that ho-humdom revealed something I never would’ve noticed about the gun at the range: the SuperNova was made for someone with bigger hands than mine. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

At the range, it’s always bang, bang, bang, but in the field, whether I’m walking in search of pheasants or parked in a marsh hoping ducks will come to me, my default position is to have my trigger finger resting on the safety. The SuperNova’s safety is perfect for that because it’s located at the front of the trigger guard, so all you have to do is depress the button and slide your index finger back to the trigger in one smooth motion, same as with my autoloader.

But as I sat there waiting … and waiting … and waiting for the doves to come, I realized my hand was straining. For my hand to be comfortable on the grip – i.e., where it should be when I’m pulling the trigger – it was too far back to reach the safety.

That may seem minor, but for me it was a deal-breaker. About as uncomfortable as wearing a pair of shoes one size too small. The autoloader I’d been shooting – two, actually, because I started with a 20 gauge and switched to a 12 – had a grip that fit my hand better, and that matters to me. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

Does this mean the grip would be too big for all women? Not necessarily. I told a friend who hunts with me occasionally about the problem, and though she’s shorter than I am, her hands are larger. The grip works fine for her. In fact, she’s totally sold on the SuperNova. But it does reinforce the need for gun buyers to put a firearm to a thorough, real-world test before laying down their cash.


I found myself disappointed. I loved this gun. It was simple, affordable and a good working gun. Even more important, the SuperNova came with plenty of room to adjust fit, which is hugely important for women because our dimensions are so different from most men’s.

The safety can be reversed for left-handed shooting, which is great for women, because many of us are cross-dominant – generally right-handed, left-eye dominant. I can adjust drop and cast with a shim kit. I can install one of three gel recoil pads to adjust length of pull. And I can install one of three combs to raise my eye – good for target shooting and even better for me because I have high cheekbones. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

So this is how I find myself in the odd position of saying that while this gun didn’t really work for me, I can recommend it for anyone who values function and simplicity. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going back to my persnickety autoloader.

SPECIFICATIONS: Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

Gauge: 12, takes 2¾”, 3” and 3½” shells
Sights: Red Bar
Barrel Length: 28” (also available in 24” and 26”)
Overall Length: 49.5”
Weight: 8 lbs. (It loses 1/10th of a pound for every two inches shorter you go on the barrel)

RATINGS (out of five stars):

Style: * * *
It’s camo on plastic – what do you want? This gun is about function; if you want style, go get yourself a spendy side-by-side. (And if you believe, as I do, that a black gun kills ducks just as well as a camo gun, save yourself some money and get the black synthetic version.)

Ergonomics: * * * *
With the exception of the distance from the grip to the safety, which was a touch too long for my fingers, this gun was VERY comfortable to shoot. At 8 pounds, it’s heavy, but that weight is part of the reason I could shoot the hell out of this thing without a hint of shoulder soreness.

Reliability: * * * * *
I put nearly a case of shells through it and had zero problems.

Customizable: * * * * *
Safety and cast can be switched for left-handed shooters and there are shim kits that allow you to make further adjustments to drop and cast. Optional ComforTech Gel Comb Inserts can further raise the comb, and optional ComforTech Gel Recoil Pads can be swapped for 13 7/8”, 14 3/8” and 14 ¾” length of pull. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

Overall Rating: * * * *
While it wasn’t the perfect gun for me, it may well be for you if you’re comfortable with the dimensions and weight. A tad on the big side for me, even though I’m 5’8” and can generally shoot guns right off the shelf without problems. Still, the SuperNova is a great gun.

Benelli  SuperNova Review | What You Should Know


When it comes to firearms, every hunter or shooter has their own preferences. What one person admires about a gun, another person may hate. This is particularly true in the world of shotguns where pump-action shotguns and over-unders can be surprisingly polarizing in shotgun reviews. But we think there is one gun that could really entice the interest of just about anyone. This shotgun can be used for either hunting purposes or for self-defense and law enforcement, making it a very adaptable firearm. This Benelli® SuperNova review should give you some insight into this gun and why it is such a great option for many different people.

Benelli® SuperNova Review: Features

The Benelli® SuperNova is a versatile 12-gauge shotgun that can be used for multiple purposes. It is lightweight at under 8 pounds, and yet it is very strong. This is accomplished due to its construction of a steel skeletal frame that is over-molded with a high-tech polymer material. The spacious trigger guards allow easy access even with gloved hands when the conditions are too cold to go without. It comes with a shim kit so you can adjust the drop and cast of the stock easily at home. It features a unique ComforTech® recoil reduction system to cut the Benelli® SuperNova recoil by 52% over a similar pump-action shotgun. It also has a shell-stop button located on the ridge-checkered forend that allows you to unload a round from the chamber without releasing the shells from the magazine tube. All in all, this firearm has several features that make it a slam dunk if you’re looking for a multi-purpose shotgun. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

Benelli® SuperNova Review: Benefits 

There are plenty of benefits to shooting this shotgun. First, you can carry it around fairly easily since it is so lightweight. That makes a big difference over a full day if you’re carrying it through the woods after grouse or through a field chasing rooster pheasants. Being able to shoot your shotgun with gloves on in cold weather is huge. Most shotgun trigger guards are much too narrow to allow you to quickly fit your trigger finger through, which can limit your usage in colder conditions. Being able to adjust the stock length of pull via the shim kit is often overlooked by most people. But making sure your shotgun stock fits you uniquely will help improve your shooting accuracy and consistency over time. A proper-fitting stock will easily glide to your shoulder instead of making you fumble around with it. The ComforTech® recoil reduction system definitely makes a big difference on your shoulder over the course of a morning when you’re shooting at fast-moving teal. Having ridge-style checkering along the forend allows you to easily grip it no matter the weather conditions or texture of your gloves. Obviously, being able to cycle another shell into the chamber is important so you can quickly follow up on shots. With a barrel length of 26 inches and a finish in Realtree® APG, it is a great option for swinging on waterfowl. But this specific model is chambered for 3-1/2” magnum shells, which is also perfect for turkey hunting. Finally, the Benelli® SuperNova price is also easier on the wallet than you might think. At $599.99, it really is a steal for a premium shotgun. Benelli SuperNova Shotgun

Benelli® SuperNova Review: Best Uses 

While the Benelli SuperNova does come in three distinct stock configurations from the manufacturer – Benelli® SuperNova ComforTech®, ComforTech® with Steady Grip™ (i.e., Benelli® SuperNova pistol grip), and collapsible stock for law enforcement – this particular model is only available in the ComforTech® option. Combined with the Benelli® SuperNova camo finish, this model is perfect for waterfowl or turkey hunting, but would work great for deer (given the right slug ammunition), dove, pheasant, or really any small game animal you can think of. It is built to last through tough weather conditions really anywhere in the country. Additionally, the high quality design (as detailed throughout this Benelli® SuperNova review) will make it easier on your body to shoot it all day in comfort. As such, it is hands down a great and reliable shotgun for sporting clays and hunting alike and deserves a spot in your gun cabinet if you’re in the market for one.

11 reviews for Benelli SuperNova Pump-Action Shotgun – 20100

  1. HunterBlah

    Best Pump for the Money
    Did a lot of research on what Do-It-All pump to get. This is one of the few guns that can do 2 3/4 – 3 1/2 in shells. Very little recoil compared to other pump shotguns. No issues after goose, dove, turkey, and pheasant hunting. Shoots very accurately.

    The chokes it comes with are good, I did buy aftermarket as well because I wanted extended chokes.

  2. tuicat

    This is the best gun for the $ I have ever bought. It cycles anything, fires great, and is useful as it is ugly. I have used it as a paddle, lost it in a hole, fished it out from a marsh, and it works. I have used in wet, dry and frozen (-52C) and it works. I love it, but I also can toss it in the boat without care, it is meant to be used, and abused. My duck buddy also has one, we both abuse them, take it home and put it in the safe dirty. It works…. always.
    I now own Vinci , and I still take this to the blind a few times a year, when I know it is going to be cold and wet.

  3. KWinn

    What you expect from Benelli
    I got this gun 4 years ago for duck season. I did not have a shotgun, and I needed one quickly as duck season was a week away. I took it skeet shooting and shot about 100 rounds with no problems. It is a heavy gun. Breaking it down and cleaning it are simple. The only problem I had was whole goose hunting. I shot some 3” BB shot at geese and the gun misfired two times in a row. They were Kent shells. I was frustrated at the time. I could even see where the pin struck the shell. Later, I took those two shells and shot them again with no problems. Overall, great gun if you can’t afford a nice semi.

  4. Harvie Ninho

    Just bought this amazing shotgun! I immediately took it to the range and put over 100 shells through it. The action is so smooth and the recoil is significantly reduced compared to my Remington.

  5. Ceedog jackson

    I’ve read a few comments here from individuals who’ve experienced technical issues with their Benellis. I can appreciate their frustration but please don’t labor under the illusion that spending more money is going to buy you a fault-free shotgun, that’s fallacy. Functional difficulties can occur with any mass-produced gun.
    I’ve had my Supernova two years now and I’ve personally had no issues. I’ve put everything from tiny target loads to slugs through it and taken everything from grouse to geese to deer. Not one single problem. This shotgun cycles everything I’ve thrown at it and won’t quit. Clean it and maintain it correctly, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction.

  6. NorthernWIduckhunter

    Tough gun, easy to clean
    I choose the Benelli and I can’t say I could have made a better choice. I literally can take this entire gun apart right down to the pin in about 2 min. without any tools. I have hunted in rain, snow, mud, you name it, and have never had a problem that was the guns fault.The camo finish has held up well through the years. The only negative I can say is the safety takes some getting used with how far forward it is.

  7. Tacklebury

    The Glock of Pump Action Shotguns
    I was looking to get an all around pump action 12 gauge and decided on this. When I got it, I was happy to see that it performed flawlessly at the range. I put 75 rounds continuously through it with no hiccups. This thing is easier to take down and clean than a Glock pistol, which everyone knows are a breeze to clean.

  8. Felixl

    Greatest pump action
    This was the very first gun I owned. I put a lot of shells through it worked flawlessly into rain, snow whatever. Only complain I have is that both sights came loose during a goose hunting trip. Lost the front sight in the bushm ordered a new one and put locktite on both of em, never had any more problems. So just check they’re tight before heading to the field. I sold this gun to buy a semi-auto. And even if I like my franchi very much, I also miss my good old tank very much. Planning on buying a nova for backup gun.

  9. countrylawman

    Great Gun
    I love my Supernova. Very accurate, Well built. I will say that the recoil reduction is a croc…. Shot my Remington and Benelli with 3.5 IN T-Shot. There was no difference what so ever. Tried it again with turkey load, And same result. So if thats the reason for stepping up from the Nova to Supernova…. Save the $100.00. The larger trigger guard is very nice. Overall very happy with this gun.

    + Pros: large trigger guard
    – Cons: recoil reduction is a farce.

  10. Gordon81 jackson

    Benelli = Quality
    I’ve owned many shotguns over the years, this is my first Benelli.

    Extremely accurate and shootable right out of the box.

    Put 200 rounds through it at the range on the weekend and barely felt any recoil. Scoring between 23-25 using the full choke.

    Smooth action, easy to shoulder. Like the adjustabilty with the shims if needed.

    Great gun!

  11. WalterSimmonsCA

    Benelli supernova
    This gun is amazing.. I bought it for duck hunting and plan on using it for turkey as well. It chambers all shells and cycles perfectly. The disassembly and reassembly is easy to learn and I’ve done both in under 2 min. It has a big trigger guard which makes it easy to use with gloves on while duck hunting. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to buy a reliable easy to use shot gun.

    + Pros: big pump, big trigger guard, easy disassembly

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